Glenn's Deer Handle - Rough Terrain
Glenn's Deer Handle - Versatile
Glenn's Deer Handle - Amazing Leverage
The Absolute Best Deer Drag Ever Made

“Glenn’s Deer Handle is an absolutely wonderful, easy to use, addition to our hardcore bowhunting gear bags. We use it for all sorts of game animals and even for doing stuff around camp! It is a simplistic, amazing product that we recommend to all serious hunters.”

– Dan & Guy Fitzgerald

Thanks Dan and Guy! I have watched Dan Fitzgerald videos for 30 years. I have seen Guy grow up on those videos into an amazing Hunter just like his Dad. I never hunt without Deer Dander and I always watch Swamp Bucks and the Brush Bucks videos ( my two favorites ) along with the North American Rhino hunts before season to get me in the right frame of mind. Drop these guys off in the jungle with a lighter and bow and arrows and they will never miss a single meal. Go to and get some Deer Dander and watch those videos and I’m thinking you’ll be coming back for a Deer Handle in the near future!  

Good Hunting,



Perfectly designed to give you maximum leverage the Deer Handle will never twist in your hand when under load. The rope is attached to the ends to distribute the weight and provide a comfortable grip for one or two men. My NEW 100% WEATHERPROOF ALUMINUM DEER HANDLE is rated at 1200lbs breaking strength!


Attaches and detaches instantly. It doesn’t matter if it’s dark or raining, and you never have to take off even the biggest gloves.

Load that big Buck or Doe into your 4wd Truck or on to your ATV in less than 10 seconds. I load even big does into my truck with just one hand!

Glenn’s Deer Handle will enable you to get that deer through that 6 foot deep ditch and other rough terrain where your ATV just can’t go. Once you get the animal to your ATV it makes loading it up an easy, one man job.

The Deer Handle is also great to have around the house in case you need to drag something like old carpet or a HUGE tree trunk like I did!

Read customer reviews and watch my short demonstration videos that PROVE everything I just said and then order YOUR Glenn’s Deer Handle.

Portable, Durable, Reliable, Convenient, Practical, and Efficient. Pull one deer with Glenn’s Deer Handle and you will never want to be without it.




You’ll be glad you did!

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